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Do you need more leads and customers for your business? We specialise in turning leads into revenue that maximises profit using a variety of online marketing strategies. 

For a limited time we are offering a complimentary lead generation audit worth $99 for approved clients. Take the first step and submit your application today. 
We have a passion for the Digital Marketing industry, and we have made it our mission to understand how to help businesses like yours succeed! Unlike most social media agencies who focus on generic marketing, we specialise in one thing and one thing only - finding you more leads and customers. Our approach is unique and different in that we believe in measurable return on investment. Our lead generation campaigns are highly focused, directly measurable, and very profitable. 
  • Using the unique formula, we analyse your business to determine the best social media platform for you
  • ​Exclusivity is assured as we only work with ONE local company per area .
  • ​Set up targeted campaigns to generate new leads for your sales team.
  • ​Potential clients are pre-qualified and an appointment set up with your sales team.
  • ​We ensure that you have the best chance of securing the contract, resulting in the highest possible ROI.
  • ​No changes are needed to your business - other than ensuring that you have the infrastructure to cope with a lot more sales leads than you've been getting in the past!
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Meet Johnny
Johnny Nel is a sales and marketing specialist with 9-year background in the areas of entrepreneurship, direct response marketing, sales, and sales management. 

Johnny was exposed to entrepreneurship from a rather young age. His parents started to teach him the fundamental principles of business from the age of 4, by allowing him to buy and sell for profit. Johnny’s interest in entrepreneurship, business, and music grew as he became more inspired, as time progressed. 

Johnny’s life revolves around the exploration of being an entrepreneur, businessman, and musician.

Nel defines Mentorship as very important. “It’s vital for your development as an entrepreneur and as an artist,” he says. Transparency and vulnerability play an important role in Johnny’s day-to-day connections with whomever he engages with. He also recognizes the importance of submitting to accountability. He sees the benefit of being mentored by someone who helps develop his potential. “It’s not to break you down, but it’s to build you in various ways, to help you set great goals that you can tick off as you achieve them.” Having the support of his parents, Life and Business coaches, motivate Johnny to keep pushing for greatness.

“Stay away from being prideful. Pride is a prison. Be humble on whichever platform you’re on.” 
- Johnny Nel

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